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Pet Sitting 

Dogs experience less stress when their regular routines are not interrupted.  If you are going out of town and want a kennel free alternative for your pets care, The Denver Dog Walking and Canine Massage Company can fulfill your pet’s needs in the comfort and security of their own home.  We will tailor a program with as many daily visits as your pet (dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish and more) requires.  We will follow your pet care routine per your instructions, including feeding, watering, exercising, litter box and/or poop scooping, administering medication or supplements and plenty of love and attention.  Upon your request we also provide basic home care services such as bringing in newspapers, flyers and mail, watering plants, rotating lights, adjusting blinds, bring in or take out trash/recycle bins.              

Pet Sitting typically includes three 30 minute visits per day:

  • One visit is a 30-minute on-leash walk in a park or around your neighborhood
  • The other two visits are potty breaks in your backyard or on-leash near your home
  • Fresh water and feeding
  • Plenty of love, affection and praise
  • Medication, supplement administration or other special care
  • Litter box or poop scooping with biodegradable bags
  • “Daily Doggie Diary” (Visit Notes)
  • Bring in mail, newspapers and/or packages
  • Rotate lights and adjust blinds
  • Bring in or take out trash/recycle bins

30 Minutes
One or two dogs:
Three or four dogs: $21.00
Cat(s) and/or other small animals: $16.00

45 Minutes
One or two dogs:
Three or four dogs: $27.00

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